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Iowa Shooting Range Renamed in Honor of Longtime NWTF Volunteer

EDGEFIELD, S.C. — Formerly known as the Clemmons Creek Shooting and Archery Range, the Washington County, Iowa, practice facility was recently renamed to honor longtime NWTF volunteer and former Iowa NWTF State Chapter president Don Pfeifer. His instrumental role in helping establish the practice facility, decades of service as a shooting instructor, commitment to wildlife conservation and his overall legacy as conservation stalwart and shooting sports enthusiast earned him the honor.

June 12, 20242 min read

"The naming of the shooting and archery range at the Clemons Creek Wildlife Area is very humbling for me," Pfeiffer said. "I have supported the construction of this range since the acquisition of the property, mainly to concentrate target shooting to a safe location in Washington County."

The establishment of the Clemmons Creek Wildlife and Recreation Area—which contains the Don Pfeiffer Shooting and Archery Range—was set in motion back in the 1980s by Pfeiffer, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, the Washington County Conservation Board and multiple conservation organizations.

In 1986, the Washington County Conservation Board purchased the first 120 acres, and in 1999, partners, including the NWTF, pulled together resources and helped expand the property by approximately 170 acres. The final 20 acres were added in 2018 for a total of 310 acres for the Clemons Creek Wildlife and Recreation Area. Ten acres of this total is reserved for the shooting range.

The Clemons Creek Wildlife and Recreation Area has grown to be a great example of collaboration and what hunter-conservationists can accomplish for the betterment of natural resources and recreational opportunities. In addition to the Don Pfeiffer Shooting and Archery Range, the wildlife and recreation area is actively managed for wildlife and provides multiple opportunities for hunters, wildlife enthusiasts, hikers and outdoor aficionados.

In addition to Pfeiffer's pivotal efforts in helping establish the Clemmons Creek Wildlife and Recreation Area and his namesake shooting complex, Pfeiffer previously worked for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and was the primary contact with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, where his efforts were pivotal in the Eastern wild turkey restoration efforts in East Texas.

Pfeiffer has served various leadership roles for the NWTF Iowa State Chapter and has been a staunch supporter of Washington County's local chapters of Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, Whitetails Unlimited and the Izaak Walton League of America. 

Moreover, Pfeiffer's service to the city of Washington extends beyond his roles in the NWTF and local conservation chapters. For many years, he served on the Park Board, dedicating his time and energy to maintaining and improving the city's green spaces. To this day, he can be found volunteering, trimming trees, spraying for weeds and keeping city spaces clean. His membership in the Master Gardeners of Washington County and his efforts to plant flowers along Madison Avenue are further testament to his commitment to enhancing the city's natural areas.

Pfeiffer has been an instructor and leader of the Bows and Bullets Club of the Washington County 4-H for more than 16 years. Because of his knowledge, patience and guidance, hundreds of youth in the Washington County area have learned proper shooting and safety techniques.

"We have had members advance to state and national competition in the 4-H Shooting Program,” Pfeiffer said. “This Don Pfeiffer Shooting and Archery range encourages a safe location for all ages to learn and be educated in safe shooting."

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