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JAKES Day inflatable bb gun and archery ranges
Photo courtesy of Slate Creek Gobblers Chapter
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Annual JAKES Day Brings Outdoor Excitement to South Haven

On the first Saturday of June each year, a special event takes place in South Haven, Kansas, drawing kids from the local community into the great outdoors. For over a decade, the Slate Creek Gobblers chapter have organized this JAKES Day, an annual celebration that blends fun, education and a love for nature.

June 13, 20242 min read

This year, on June 1, Rick and Dianna Ware once again orchestrated a fantastic gathering, attracting over 80 children ages 5 to 17. The day was packed with activities tailored to different age groups. Younger children, ages 5 through 11, participated in a variety of activities including turkey calling, BB gun shooting, .22 target shooting, archery, fishing and inflatable axe throwing. These activities are designed to introduce kids to different aspects of wildlife and outdoor sports, fostering a connection with nature from a young age.

Older kids, ages 12 to 17, enjoyed a competitive shoot with categories including .22 target shooting, archery, black powder, skeet shooting and rifle shooting. The stakes were high, with the winner taking home a 2022 NWTF Tristar Raptor 20 gauge with a pistol grip, a prize that added an extra layer of excitement to the competition.

Photo courtesy of Shala Crenshaw
Photo courtesy of Shala Crenshaw

The event takes place on land generously donated each year by Jeff Ralls, the president of the Slate Creek Gobblers. This beautiful venue provides the perfect backdrop for a day of outdoor activities, creating lasting memories for the young participants.

Another highlight of the day was the raffle, where one lucky youth won a lifetime hunting license. This incredible prize, donated by Big Al and Davis-Moore Chevrolet, underscores the community's dedication to promoting lifelong engagement with the outdoors.

JAKES Day is more than just an event; it's a celebration of community, nature and education. The Slate Creek Gobblers, along with their supporters and volunteers, play a crucial role in making this day a success each year. Their efforts ensure that the tradition continues, inspiring the next generation to appreciate and conserve the natural world around them.

Photo courtesy of Shala Crenshaw
Photo courtesy of Shala Crenshaw

As another successful JAKES Day comes to a close, the anticipation for next year's event begins. With the ongoing support of the community and the passion of the organizers, JAKES Day in South Haven promises to remain a cherished tradition for years to come.

The event is funded through a fall banquet held every November, which not only supports the JAKES Day but also facilitates a guided youth pheasant hunt and a college scholarship.

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